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Frequently Asked Questions

What college majors does FTI look for in its Cohort applicants?

We seek candidates with degrees in specific subject area fields such as Classics, Liberal Arts, Latin, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, and Natural Science (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

Do I have to have my teaching certificate to be able to apply to FTI?

Our members are not required to be certified. Highly Qualified (HQ) status must be met, see Applicant Qualifications for further information.

At what school will I teach after completing the cohort training? Will I have the opportunity to choose a specific school?

At this time, the cohort of teachers will be placed in the schools of our partner, Responsive Education Solutions’ schools in Texas and Arkansas.  Out of the designated campuses for teacher placement, we will consider a request for a specific campus. The request will be based on availability and need.

In what subject and grade level will I teach?

We are currently placing teachers interested in teaching all grade levels. We will try to match you as closely as possible to teaching your college major.